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I got my graphics card back!!!! Well, I was planning to update with Sims 3 (because it was so pretty, and the first thing I did was play TS3, not TS2)...but I decided to actually start my neighbourhood project.

So presenting one Apartment which I've been working on since last year, and a cafe which I made as I went! =)

A night vershun. The pics are going to be jumping from night and day, because I wanted to try out the lights so...sorry if they seem rather odd.

The entrance..

The bottom floor which contains recreational stuff.

Indoor swimming pool.

Sauna behind that door =)

Okay, onto the first floor, the first apartment (I decorated this a long time ago last year):

A little "study room"

Second bedroom.

Another view of the same room.

Master bedroom; which looks rather plain, but very showroomey at night =S

Ensuite (this is the same for all 3 apartments, because I can't be bothered anymore DX)

More pics of the living area.

I imagined a single lady that owned a flower shop when I decorated this =P

Going up a floor (2nd apartment; the last one I decorated, so it's a bit rushed):

The kitchen looks a bit toooo new eh?

I was thinking a typical family when I did this...or not =S

Bedroom 1

Master bedroom.

Can you tell by now I have some painting fetish? Just that Sims 2 Play had SO MANY AWESOME ARTWORK. Too bad they disappeared...=(

Bedroom 2


A bathroom shot. What a boring bathroom. And what a crap way to end this floor, because I'm about to move on to the top floor.

I was thinking "rich guy and friends" XD

The (showroom) kitchen =_______=

A bedroom converted to skillz room

Pretty bathroom plants.

Spare room.

Master bedroom.

Outside shots:

Annnnnd floor plans:





So that was the apartment! No on the the spur of the moment restaurant:

It's just across the street from the apartment I showed earlier.

The back!

The inside! I went for white, but I decided to use bright colours and white to...brighten it (gah I lack vocab)

Aaaaannnnd a night shot!

That's all for now...=)

~60 pics under cut
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