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I am baaaack =)

Some more Sims photos, heeheehee

A nighttime view of the place.


Those random structure things for taking outdoor wedding photos XP

Flower spam....

More structure thingy spam...

A section of the garden with a pretty fish fountain (and pretty flowers)

More pretty flowers! Showcasing M&G goodies, heeheehee

Wedding area! I got my sims to married here, and if you noticed, the arch is backwards =____=" which mean all the guests, instead of sitting on the chairs, stood up on the other side so that there's a large row of bushes between the couple and them =_______= sims are so stooopid...but I fixed it..eventually.

The wedding-is-over-let's-eat-food area. There are buffet tables just hidden from view...

A pond for catching fish and a wishing shrine.

MORE flower spam!

The center area; with a HUMONGO fountain in the middle =)

Side view of the center area.

The other side.

Annnnnd even more flowers.

Aerial view of the whole place! (Taking this picture was only possible using a camera hack; and even so it took FOREVER)

At the back of the garden, with a good view of the beach, and mahjong tables and bar! (yeh..the "concrete" mountain looks rather ugly...dunno why those neighbourhood decorations don't show up =S)

Dancing area...

Chess case sims get bored of weddings.

Another shot of central area...and the wedding area.

You can see the city in the bg =)

And a shot of city to end. You can see the apartment I made awhile ago, and the restaurant =)

Small(er) spam; 24 pictures.


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