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Again, long time no's a dorm I made yesterday. It's not exactly in any way Harry Potter-y, I only decided to go with the Hufflepuff colour scheme, yellow and black. Except I added grey and white and beige in there as well...

Yay, black and yellow! There's a huge greenhouse at the back, along with 3 orchard trees, but I didn't take pics because I did everything in a hurry.

Entrance (blocked by the banisters in a feeble attempt to be artistic but just failed miserably). I kind of went cbf on decoration yesterday...

The wooden door leads to a bathroom, in case anyone was curious.

If you had turned right when entering, you will be here. Tiny kitchen (which really shouldn't be the case seeing in the books Hufflepuff was RIGHT NEXT to the kitchens) and chairs and table. And a juice bar thing!!

Better picture of the JUICE BAR (maybe it's called nectar bar, I forgot).

If you had turn left you would be here. Recreation room? Gaming, sitting down, repetitive decoration...

...musiking, drawing, and books.

Sorry for boring commentary, don't worry, will be over soon. we are UPSTAIRS!!! On this floor: 3 dorm rooms, 2 bathrooms, one balcony suitable for getting abducted.

Dorm Room with Everything on One Side Except the Lamp.

Dorm Room with a Nook for the Drawer.

Dorm Room that is Big and Square.

An example of a bathroom. Imagine that there's a huge curtain over the window.

Top floor!! Unless you are magical/ninja and can teleport up to the roof, but why would you do that? On this floor: 2 dorm rooms, 0 bathrooms, and a kind of nice place to hang out.

Dorm Room that is 'T' Shaped but Still Fits Everything.

Another angle of the same room.

Doom Room that is Spacious but takes the Longest to Get to.

(Darn I suck at capitalisation)

Finally, floor's horrid, but I did say I did it in a hurry...

Ground Level

Middle Level

Top Level

That's it! It's rather short..oh well. I plan to do the other houses sometime.

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