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Moving on with my sims spam...another dorm. Instead of studying for uni finals I feel like I want to play sims. So I did.

Here's and gold kinda turned into red, yellow, brown and (uhhh) purple.

Back! (You can see the yellow dorm next to it and a bit further away, another dorm across the street and the uni library next to that.)

Entrance from the inside.

The reason why all the interior shots are done at night is because I add the lights last. I want to test if the house is bright enough at night, so yeah. If I switch it back to day, the lights don't turn off and it's a bit too bright.

Kitchen! It's so red...

...and a piano because I dunno where else to put it.

Living room area.

With a fireplace (a feeble attempt to make it kind of relate to Gryffindor)

And drawing nook (the piano is not in here because I always thought this would be a quiet place)

Going upstairs...

...and being upstairs.

Upstairs rec skilling area.

Another angle.

Dorm Room with Crab.

Dorm Room with Woodpecker.

Dorm Room with Birdies and Flowers.

...sigh, maybe next time I will just show one dorm room.

One of the Three Bathrooms.

Top floor! Only thing I could fit in the hallway was the toy making bench...

Top floor has two dorm room and a bathroom.

Floor plans? Floor plans:

Yep that is it. Ooooh btw, I've finished the last two, yay!!!

And goodbye flying colours (not that I was going to pass with flying colours in the first place...)

21 pics under cut.

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