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Refraining from studying about contingency tables. Actually I feel like statistics is getting somewhat interesting later in the semester. Probably because there aren't as many proofs. (Gahhhh die proofs). Anyway, moving on.

This is a lot post! It's one of my first custom dorms. I don't know why it has taken me so long to upload pics of it. It was the 'safe' dorm in the last Austen/Heller update. Actually, I've played this dorm twice before, and I've made some major edits on the layout before the Austellers moved in. The rooms used to have private bathrooms, which I got rid of. I made all the dorms on the same floor have the same deco. The rooms are still huge though, but that is my past self's fault.

This is the edited version. May or may not have a running commentary on what I changed.

So the first pic is actually back of the lot. This is the front. With all balconies of the dorm rooms. Past self went for a bit of overkill.

Cafeteria. It used to be smaller, to fit all the crafts machines too.

Craft machines moved to other side of wall.

An example of a ground floor room. Featuring Bartouse Heller making her bed.

Second floor...music area.

Right across is the painting area.

Also on this floor is the gaming room. It has decent views of the rest of the campus.

Bathrooms. (Tore down all the private bathrooms to for one of these on each floor.)

Second floor dorm room featuring Sunny Hille sleeping...

Top floor! Where all the computahs are at. For studying, playing Sims 3...who knows

It's also the library too, with a nook to study at. I used to loooooooove that nook because right next to it is a huuuge atrium of the entrance.

Glass gym.

And right next to it is the party balcony! There are no sims because it's winter, haha.

Clear pergola thing to cover the sims from snow.

Top floor dorm room. Decoration is definitely meh.

One more pic of the back (so you can see where all the common areas are located)


Second. (First? I dunno how storey numbers work)


~20 pics

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